Sovereign Covenance
If you have come across this message, you are either a returning member, a wandering traveler, or a new member! Either of which is welcome! Sovereign Covenance is a literate, privately mapped, active, and semi-realistic canine-based roleplay within the MMORPG FeralHeart. If you are a NEW member, please sign up using your character name WITHOUT your tag. Once completed, please whisper Sporadically on FeralHeart or specify in group chat. Thank you, and welcome to the family.

OOC Rules and Regulations.

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OOC Rules and Regulations.

Post by Bellacasis on Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:11 am


- We folk here within the Sovereign Covenance will not tolerate OOC Drama, so please respect your fellow members and keep this a calm, friendly environment. Relating to that- please keep any personal issues away from group, for example breakups, divorces, extreme medical conditions, abuse, loss of a loved one etc away from the group chat. It indeed, makes members uncomfortable, and may upset yourself if they do not reply because they may not know how.


- A Matriarch's word is law. If Matriarch isn't online, one of the staff/highest rank online is in charge. Please respect your higher tiers, we are here to help you, and make this a wonderful environment for you, and the rest of the members within this affiliation. Along the lines of superiority, please respect all Veterans and those with a higher status than yourself. Members in higher ranks have worked hard to earn their positions! They were not just handed to them.


- This roleplay is mature. This means swearing and gore will occur, but please keep sexual content to a bare minimum. Along those lines, please move all sexual roleplays/chats over to party or whisper. Along with moving far away from populated ground.

- Drug use is prohibited in the roleplay. Besides the use of medical herbs, and such for healing purposes only. We may have several young members in the Sovereign Covenance, please be respectful of that.

- Swearing in OOC chat and RP must be kept to a mild level.  Yes, you may swear,. but please- don't drop the "f-bomb" every other word. Because, quite frankly, it can be offensive to some.

- No mentioning or referencing to rape, incest, sexual abuse, nazism, transphobia, homophobia, etc. It's not funny. It will never be funny. I promise.


- To have pups IC, discuss it OOC and make sure you have approval from a Matriarch or any first-tier member. We don't want our environment overflowing with the youngsters.


- You always need your tag. Things like M/F, Teen, Pup or anything else in your name must be removed and not to return.


- If a member is problematic, please whisper the staff and consult them. Do not try and be ballsy and confront them and start more drama. You won't be helping anyone, including yourself.

- Don't be rude, crude, hurtful or insensitive. We all have bad days. Don't take it out on us. If you do, you will be recieve a warning, or asked politely go offline for the night. If you do not, there is a chance you will be kicked/demoted to Omega rank for 1-7 days of roleplay. We do not want to get bickered at for anything we didn't do.

- Following the rule above, we may move out of map to recruit/spend time away from our homeground. Everyone is to follow the standard FeralHeart game rules. And be cordial and courteous to anyone who may approach. Remember- the main goal of this pack is to thrive, and have a fantastic reputation while doing so. Literates, illiterates, realistic characters, unrealistic characters, new members, old members, etc-- are people. Those who disrespect eachother (in Group) or harm anyone outside the group will be punished. Nobody should remotely tolerate such behaivior.


- While species are up to the determination of their owners and not required to be realistic, powers are not permitted in this pack. The exceptions are those abilities approved EXPLICITLY by the admins of the rp and listed on the list of approval. Do note that these abilities, while power-like, are natural and realistic primarily. On this note, all species descriptions must have an "approved" seal by an admin before they are considered official. We don't want random "invincible" species running about.

- Please stick to the environment of semi-realism. We do not allow neon peltage, un-realistic items, non-canine based characters. Unrealistic breeds and immortality (in terms of life-span and NOT invincibility) will be allowed so long as they do not make use of any unapproved powers or extras. Another reminder, NO powers whatsoever.

- Presets are welcome and encouraged! We allow more freedom with presets, such as more color, piercings, etc. Please don't exceed that.


- PLEASE be active! We can't stress this enough, either! This is an active roleplay. We need every one of you to contribute and just come online as much as possible. We will kick members when we think they haven't been online enough, or haven't came online in a long time. If you are going to be gone, please post in the forum, or make an excuse for your poor activity! But please, if you join this group, don't come online once and not again. Our goal for this roleplay is to be like old times in FeralHeart. Do you remember when you could run through Flourite and find five mapless groups to roleplay with in a minute? Or how every single mapped roleplay you joined was wonderful and high quality? That's our goal. We want to be a good old fashioned, semi-realistic, mapped, wolf pack roleplay. Can you help us achieve it?

-- OUR MAP --

- Our map is held for strictly members of Sovereign Covenance ONLY! (And possibly strong allies.) If any member of the pack catches a member hosting a roleplay in our map for any reason without permission, you will be automatically kicked from the pack. Raid (Wolgron) and I (Sporadically) worked extremely hard on this map to make this roleplay the best that it can possibly be. Please, don't disrespect that by creating your own lore for your roleplay within our map. That goes along with stealing our maps concepts, and the lore of the land itself.


- The copy of anything on this website, dealing with the roleplay, the title of the roleplay, etc is strictly forbidden.

- The copy of anyone's character within or without the Sovereign Covenance is strictly prohibited. Issues relating to such will result in 2-7 days of active roleplay in the Omega rank, or, a kick from the pack and banned use of the Lornhaven map.  (made by Wolgron).

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