Sovereign Covenance
If you have come across this message, you are either a returning member, a wandering traveler, or a new member! Either of which is welcome! Sovereign Covenance is a literate, privately mapped, active, and semi-realistic canine-based roleplay within the MMORPG FeralHeart. If you are a NEW member, please sign up using your character name WITHOUT your tag. Once completed, please whisper Sporadically on FeralHeart or specify in group chat. Thank you, and welcome to the family.

The Houses.

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The Houses.

Post by Bellacasis on Thu Jul 02, 2015 4:07 pm

The Combattant Legion (House of Combat) :  Any rank and it's description highlighted in this color is part of the Combattant Legion of the Sovereign Covenance. These, are your specially trained war machines. Leading the Covenance into any war with great chutzpah, and a spring in their step. Laying their very lives on the line, risking their vessel to any injury, to the art of war.

The House of the Civil (Political/Head Branch): This, is the leading Monarchs of the Sovereign Covenance. Regardless of the physical stature, these canines make up whatever they lack, with their supreme knowledge of leadership. With a dash of their splendid amount of valour. They will lead you through the Covenance's darkest depths of timeless despair, with a optimistic attitude. They- are here to help you. These wolves have a basic knowledge of each branch in the pack.

The House of the Healing (Medical Branch):  You have an injury? These, are the adept canines you should contact. These wolves are trained especially in the medical field to heal any emotional, or physical injury. Big or small. The list of herbs for these wolves to use is in the "Herbal Fixes" tab, as a subpage to the "Hierarchy" tab.

The House of Study (Astratorians): These wolves are your storytellers, your astralogical scholars. A unique bunch. The main job of these wolves is to map out the night skies (for purposes of expansion), travelling place-to-place. Sure, it sounds exciting, but it can be a gruelling task. These wolves have supreme knowledge of the land, and of the night sky. This house is only made up of the Astratorian rank, which is reserved to those who have graduated/succeeded in the fields of the Healing, or the Gathering,

The House of the Hunt (Hunting and Gathering Branch): Any food you spot within the fresh-kill pile was generously provided to you by these humble wolves. Any canine within this branch either gathers herbs for the Medical Branch, or hunts to feed the mouths of the Convenance. They are skilled in both of these fields.

Contrator (Specially Bred): These wolves are specially trained, and bred into the fields of Combat. This is a Sub-Tier to the Combattant Legion. The training of these wolves are explicit, and even death or serious injury may occur during training. The goal of this specialised rank to create and mold a "brick wall", of sorts. Muscular wolves, who will lead the Sovereign Covenance to victory in the event of battle. It is recommended that fellow Contrators breed, even if it is without sexual ties to each other. This tier can be inhabited by BOTH genders.

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