Sovereign Covenance
If you have come across this message, you are either a returning member, a wandering traveler, or a new member! Either of which is welcome! Sovereign Covenance is a literate, privately mapped, active, and semi-realistic canine-based roleplay within the MMORPG FeralHeart. If you are a NEW member, please sign up using your character name WITHOUT your tag. Once completed, please whisper Sporadically on FeralHeart or specify in group chat. Thank you, and welcome to the family.

Getting Started.

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Getting Started.

Post by Bellacasis on Wed Jul 01, 2015 12:03 am

Welcome to our autocratic association, with an aristocratic coalition.

      To introduce ourselves, we folk are not known by our official title- but by our abundant history.  An abound history of such is shrouded in darkness.  Those who hold the name of a Sovereign Covenance associate, the revered and frightening title, some cruel, some ruthless. Some kind, some cordial. They care only for empire, conquering and extinguishing all who oppose them. They thirst for rival blood, crushing their opponents in battle and using their pelts to line their nests at night. Whilst the only image known and heard of by the non-affiliates, is a cordial, lot of true class. These canines are loyal to one another, bound by blood and mutual respect, willing to die for one another, and their own allies. Anger and arguments within the pack is almost unheard of, the wolves here stick together and protect each other no matter what situation, through turmoil and triumph. If you wish to become one of us, you must go through our testing, and then see if you can last among the chosen wolves of the affiliation itself.  Will you take the challenge and stand by our code?

An Introduction to the Masses.

Greetings, traveler.
Not an exemplary introduction, nonetheless, it is a greeting.
Welcome to those who have now dedicated their hide to the Sovereign Covenance- or to those whom wish to examine further into the affiliation you may cross paths with. Either way,
I, am known formally as Bellacasis Nysisia Chivia - Sabice. (Rather complicated, aye?) The Aristocratic Dictator of this striking affiliation. But, to make matters simple, you may refer to me as Bellacasis or Bella OOC. You may read more in the 'Laws and Luxuries' tab in the Forums for the requirements of yourself, and your character. All the information you need regarding the plot itself is within this board.

If you have not already joined, join today! We won't bite.
The main goal of this pack is to create an unforgettable fun, and friendly experience for those who wish to experience it.
If you need to contact me, please whisper me on FH on my account "Sporadically". If I am offline, please email '' with your questions. Or, better yet- note me on deviantArt under the username "Phxntomhaivu" with the subject relating to the pack.

I highly recommend you check out whatever the site has to offer- as it will help you in the long run. Please read over the pack rules and regulations, and the rankings. Familiarize yourself with the site- perhaps, by making a profile?


Thank you, and welcome to the Sovereign Covenance.

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