Sovereign Covenance
If you have come across this message, you are either a returning member, a wandering traveler, or a new member! Either of which is welcome! Sovereign Covenance is a literate, privately mapped, active, and semi-realistic canine-based roleplay within the MMORPG FeralHeart. If you are a NEW member, please sign up using your character name WITHOUT your tag. Once completed, please whisper Sporadically on FeralHeart or specify in group chat. Thank you, and welcome to the family.

IC Rules and Regulations.

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IC Rules and Regulations.

Post by Bellacasis on Wed Jul 01, 2015 1:02 am


- Along with our personal, rules of roleplay. Always abide by FeralHeart rules, in map, and out of map.


- Any rank below that of a Contrator/Contatoria (XIC) is not permitted to leave the camp, without an escort or permission from higher tiers.


- Be literate IC. Text chat is prohibited during roleplay, in group chat, go nuts. Literacy is expected  in your roleplay sample. This means no action marks ( - ). The minimum for a post is two sentences. If your post is two sentences or a few more, please put a   -s-, signalling you post generally last longer.

- Post-cutting is prohibited. We understand that it occasionally happens by accident, but if you continuously post-cut we will talk to you personally about it until the habit is broken. If your post is continued, you are expected to put a -c-, >> or a -- at the end of it.

- Wolfspeak is allowed in mild quantities. Due to wolfspeak being basically, a language of it's own, some members may not understand your words/post. (And by instinct, will ask for a translation.) You can be impressive without wolfspeak in your posts!

- No goddmodding, autohitting or powerplaying. You should know what these mean.
Fighting IC must be initiated by a Monarch rank. Spars are encouraged. Random fights are not to break out in the territory over minor issues. Things like that are to be talked out IC, nonviolently.


- Mate begging and parent begging is not tolerated, and very unappreciated. Don't be a dingaling.


- Matriarch's  word is law. If Matriarch isn't online, one of the Monarchs are in charge. Members in higher ranks have worked hard to earn their positions! They were not just handed to them.


- Please talk to staff about your items. Things such as ear feather, necklaces and twigs are alright. No swords or beaks or anything of that nature. On the topic of items, the items pack I proudly present before you is the Legendary Items pack v 1.1. Which gives your character a plethora of the items your character may need. (NOTE: I did not create this pack. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


- Your character may be enemies or dislike someone else in the pack IC, but OOC we're all a family. Do NOT bring IC issues into the OOC realm, it will not be tolerated- and will result into demotion or even a permenant kick from the Covenance if it continues.

-- LONERS --

- Loners are accepted, welcomed, and encouraged. We'd love as many as possible. If you decide to be a loner, consult the one who recruited you, and it'll be arranged. If you are a loner, you are NOT to bother the pack, or cause drama, or get attacked by a bear and require their assistance. You are allowed to "bother" the pack after discussion with the Monarchs, deciding when and how you will come into the RP.

- Loners are not to be in the group. They have no tag, but live in the map. If you are a loner, one of the staff will link you to the map. Be respectful of it. If you cause drama, you will be asked to remove it and leave the roleplay. If you argue, a FeralHeart moderator will be involved. I will not tolerate misuse of the map Wolgron and I have planned and created.


- On the same note, do not be an attention-seeker. We cannot stress that enough. If you go out hunting and break your leg while tripping, deal with it realistically, and don't focus the entire RP for 2 weeks on you.


- Realistic roleplay means you will get sick. It is alright to contract a virus, but you most likely won't get cancer or the likes.


- You are always expected to follow your rank rules (under the ranks page, each tier has certain privileges listed within the rank itself).


- Pregnant wolves are to be pregnant for 14 days real time, and when the pups are born their eyes are closed, they cannot speak, and they can't run around the camp.

- A birth of a new pup will be held inside of our personal map.


- If you are in a training session, you are not permitted to abandon your roleplay to hop on another character until the session is complete. No exceptions. If life calls however, that is entirely understandable and your trainers will know so. Leaving a training session because another roleplay is calling is both rude and can be considered a punishable offense, which will be determined by your superiors.


- To keep members on their toes, every few weeks we will have a planned (coordinated by season) natural disaster. This includes severe storms, wildfires, outbreak of disease, earthquakes, flood, etc, etc. We will not hold over-the-top events such as volcanic eruptions, "the end of the world", etc. We will coordinate each by our current environment, and season.


We go by a six day system,  please age your character accordingly, you will not be punished if you forget- but nobody lives forever.
1 real day = 6 days in roleplay.
5 real days = 1 month in roleplay.
10 real days = 2 months in roleplay.
15 real days = 3 months in roleplay.
20 real days = 4 months in roleplay.
25 real days = 5 months in roleplay.
1 real month = 6 months in roleplay.
2 real months = 1 year in roleplay.

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